Dream it. Code it. Win it. – $15,000 Prize

Kevin Shi, Aman Grewal, Alyssa Davis, David Skehktman, Robert (Bobby) Walsh from The Cooper Union: Mycrophone


Kevin Shi: “For me, it was a combination of a few things. From an opportunistic point of view, developing an app was a near 0 startup-cost chance to really make an impact. I told myself that all I had to do was learn to program, and I could accomplish something incredible. It turns out that there are few extra steps within that process, but that initial mindset was enough to convince me to stay up those late nights and really focus on developing the app. From a (shy) student’s perspective, this app was a way for me to reach out to students who need help most. Mycrophone gives introverted students the opportunity to participate and ask questions in class without having to raise their hand and speak out in front of their fellow students. For me, it was a way to overcome the sickness of classroom silence. It was about giving those invisible students a voice.”

David Shekhtman: “I along with my friends Aman Grewel and Kevin Shi were afraid of asking
questions during physics lecture. When our Principles of Design teacher, Professor Lima, proposed that we design an application that could organize a question and answer interface during presentation, we immediately got
involved. The reason why I helped code the Mycrophone application was that difficult teachers intimidate students and prevent them from asking questions. As a shy student, I thought coding Mycrophone would be a justice to all those who suffer from the fear of attracting a teacher’s attention. The need to ask a question cannot be ignored. Hence, Mycrophone was to be created to serve as a platform for students like me. Through Mycrophone, I hoped that the fear of asking questions would be eliminated.”

Aman Grewal: “We’ve all had experiences of difficulty in communicating in lecture halls. Sometimes we don’t want to interrupt the professor, and sometimes we can’t hear what are peers are saying. My teammates and I were talking and agreed that there should be a better solution. After talking professors and fellow classmates, all of whom agreed with us, we decided to follow through and make Mycrophone.”


About dreamitcodeitwinit

Dream it. Code it. Win it. is a student competition that rewards creative problem solving with code. It was founded by Cristina Dolan, a Solutionist, which an engineer that applies their education towards problem solving - as her TEDx talk 'Just Solve It' explains.

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