Dream it. Code it. Win it. – Prize for Innovation, $5,000

Gabriela Gualpa from Quinnipiac University: Unbreak



Gabriela Gualpa: “Unbreak, an app created to ease the lives of property managers and tenants by optimizing the process of handling work orders requests. Specifically, I was inspired by my dad. From when I was a little kid he was always involved in real estate, I grew up watching firsthand the process of buying, managing and selling multi-family homes. Over family dinners at night my dad would share the trouble he was having with all the paper work he had to deal with from leaky faucets to broken doors managing the several hundred units he had. That’s what made me think of the idea, why not help my dad with something so seemingly easy. At Quinnipiac it has constantly been instilled in me as an Industrial Engineer, to think of myself as an individual that creates efficiency and optimizes processes. I had recently completed a core coding class the semester before and knew I was equipped with the basic coding skills to help, so I set to work and created Unbreak.”

About dreamitcodeitwinit

Dream it. Code it. Win it. is a student competition that rewards creative problem solving with code. It was founded by Cristina Dolan, a Solutionist, which an engineer that applies their education towards problem solving - as her TEDx talk 'Just Solve It' explains.

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