TradingScreen Technology Entrepreneurship Award – $10,000

Timothy Borny from James Madison University: Oaddo



Tim Borny: “The idea for this project originated over two years ago. Originally, the focus was on empathy- on finding a way to help people understand the viewpoint of others from entirely different backgrounds. After a lot of thinking I came to the conclusion that empathy is based on shared understanding, and that perhaps the best thing I could do was to try and create a platform that brings people to a mutual understanding of reality. This is the reason there is such a large focus on internalization of this project.

I felt so strongly about this idea that I decided I needed to pick up a minor in computer science and try to teach myself how to program in order to make it happen. Seeing the project come together over the last several months has been one of the most gratifying things I have ever done.”

About dreamitcodeitwinit

Dream it. Code it. Win it. is a student competition that rewards creative problem solving with code. It was founded by Cristina Dolan, a Solutionist, which an engineer that applies their education towards problem solving - as her TEDx talk 'Just Solve It' explains.

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