Success Stories After Dream it. Code it. Win it.

Updates from Winners of the Contest


David Taitz & Hikari Senju – Balloon – First Place $20,000

“Since DiWiCi, Balloon has used our prize to focus on the user experience of our mobile app and rebuild our former product from user feedback and data. We expanded our team considerably–taking on other bright college students who are as close to the problem we are trying to solve as we are.

After months of hard work, we have refocused Balloon to help get your friends together at a moment’s notice by cutting through the flakiness and noncommittal “maybes”. You choose the group and decide on the plan. Your friends receive personalized invitations that expire at an RSVP deadline set by you. Until then, Balloon sends them reminders to get you a quick response.

We published the redesign of the Balloon in the AppStore in July, and have been iterating quickly on user feedback to deploy improved versions on a weekly basis. Our usership is growing steadily, and even more importantly, we believe we are starting to prove some of our assumptions on user behavior in our data. We are extremely excited to officially launch at college campuses at the start of the semester and also release our first Android version.

We cannot thank DiWiCi, the MIT Enterprise Forum, the MIT Club of NYC, and TradingScreen enough for the help in moving Balloon forward.”

Tim Borny – Oaddo – TradingScreen Technology Entrepreneurship Award, $10,000

“Since the Future of Innovation Conference I’ve moved out to Mountain View California where I’m currently serving as the Teaching Fellow for Energy and Environmental Systems at Singularity University in NASA Ames Research Park. While my duties as Teaching Fellow have been keeping me quite occupied, I have been furthering the development of Oaddo in my limited free time. With the end of the summer coming up I’ve been working on determining the next steps to take. I’m talking with a number of companies about tailoring the platform behind Oaddo for their specific needs. These solutions would keep the underlying aggregation and organization features but alter the navigation tools to better suit their content bases.”

Catherine D’Ignazio – The Babbling Brook  – Tekserve’s Women in Technology Award, $5,000

“I’ve been really busy with another large project in order to finish my degree but I have made plans to continue development on The Babbling Brook over the next year looking towards a summertime 2015 pilot outdoors. In the meantime, I’ve also been working on an open source water quality sensing project whose technology I’ll be incorporating into the Babbling Brook.

I’m planning on using some of the prize money to help further this development in the coming year.”

Cartwheels Team – High School Winner

“Cartwheels has come a long way since we won 1st place in your High School competition.

In June, we began working full time on mobile development of our app which helps consumers find, rate, and review mobile food vendors. We hired an Android team, an iOS team, and content experts, got an office, and have been hard at work building our applications over the past three months.

Our Cartwheels app is now live at and our Android app is on the Google Play store. Once our iOS app is live, we plan to have a full-scale public launch in mid-September.

In terms of recognition, we’ve been named the 2nd best app in the world in the over 18 category by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Just this past month, we entered into the NYC Big Apps competition and were ranked the #1 most popular app – we received more votes than any other competing team and earned a spot in the BigApps Battlefield. We are awaiting the results of the BigApps competition.”

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