Healthy Shopping App Wins Big in MIT STEM Competition

Two women studying at Cornell University have won $10,000 for designing and developing a Web application that can help people make healthier choices while grocery shopping.

Claire Lambrecht and Rachel Wang — both MBA students at Cornell Tech, part of the Johnson Graduate School of Management — shared the TradingScreen Technology Entrepreneurship Award at the recent “Dream it. Code it. Win it.” student coding competition for an application called Epicure.Epicure, Philippe Buhannic, Mariel Tucker, Cristina Dolan== 2nd Annual Dream It, Code It, Win It, Contest== The Cooper Union, Great Hall, NYC== April 30, 2015== ©Patrick McMullan== Photo - Sean Zanni/ ==

The contest — open to university and high school students and co-organized by the MIT Club of New York, MIT Enterprise Forum of New York City and TradingScreen — is aimed at promoting creativity, diversity, and literacy in the field of computer science.

Epicure automatically analyzes online receipts from people’s personal grocery shopping and recommends healthier options to the items they’ve chosen, Lambrecht and Wang told Design News.

“Changing eating habits is hard,” Wang explained. “Existing products aren’t much help. They require you to count calories, log food journals, and buy specialty foods. Epicure makes it easy to change your eating habits. All you need to do is log in, and our system automatically handles the rest.”

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Elizabeth Montalbano – DesignNews – May 14, 2015