“It Ain’t Rocket Science”

“Dream it. Code it. Win it.” has been featured on NY1 News’ “It Ain’t Rocket Science” show, which is part of Time Warner Cable’s Connect a Million Minds $100M project to inspire young people to become the pioneers of the future: – Launch of Programming Competition for Students


“Dream it. Code it. Win it.,” has been launched with more than $50,000… prizes, (which) will be awarded to students 18 years or older, and enrolled at accredited institutions.

(T)his competition was launched to celebrate and reward computer science as a creative tool, and not just as a coding exercise. This approach is meant to help encourage people of all backgrounds and genders to participate, particularly women, who make up just 23 percent of STEM workers, versus 48 percent of the total workforce, according to the National Math and Science Initiative.

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